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Wednesday Feb 5. Tonight's Elite Academy training is canceled due to inclement weather.

ELITE NATIONAL SOCCER was founded with the belief that in the right environment every child can enjoy the game of soccer. We go to great strides in order to provide the best facilities, staff and curricula to ensure that you or your child will have a positive experience in the game of soccer. Elite National Soccer's programs and staff are versatile enough to provide a fun and nurturing environment to beginners and recreational players while learning the fundamentals of the game. We also have the ability to teach the intricacies and nuances of the game to the serious soccer player that our staff has experienced first-hand by playing and coaching at the highest levels of the collegiate, professional and international game. Click on the links to your left and we guarantee that you will find an exciting program that is appropriate for you.

Scott Cannon - Director
(401) 451-5870

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